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Lying against the headboard with improper posture will cause neck subluxation

Many people focus the posture when working while ignore bedtime habits will bring health problems as well. He said 20-30% of his patient suffered from neck pain because they lied against the headboard for a prolonged period of time and with improper posture.

The long-term effect of improper posture with the head lying on headboard will affect the curvature of the cervical spine. Once cervical spine becomes straight and even curved in the opposite direction, this will creates lots of pain and discomfort for the patient .Lots of patient will be first suffered from neck pain, associate with other symptoms include hand numbness, headache , dizziness.

When using a computer or cell phone should be sitting upright on the bed, with the back against the headboard , changing position every 20 minutes in order to avoid maintaining the same position for a prolonged period of time.

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