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ProCare physiotherapy center offers professional physiotherapy services includes:



ProCare physiotherapy center offers physiotherapy services includes spinal manipulation, different treatment modalities, and exercise therapy.

Physiotherapy treatments includes exercise therapy including endurance and balance training. The use of exercise therapy can increase muscle and joint flexibility and mobility to reduce patient pain.

In addition, physiotherapists will use shockwave, ultrasound, and cold/heat to reduce patient’s pain.

Cause of subluxation (misalignment of the joints)

Our daily activities will always lend the spine in a compressed position. When the spine is compressed for a prolonged period, the opportunity of subluxation (joint misalignment) will be increase. When the joints are subluxated, the surrounding nerve root will be compressed and eventually causes pain. Other than that the increased pressure of the joints will also increase the chance of getting bone spur.

There are many factors causes spinal subluxation includes sports injuries, poor postures, and degeneration. In recent years, there has been more and more young generations who has subluxation due to prolonged bad postures with the use of electronic products such as tablets, smart phones.

The most common cause of spinal subluxation are due to poor postures. Bad postures such as head leaning forward (anterior head carriage) while using computer, TVs, movies which will causes muscle imbalances. This can eventually leading to subluxation of the spine, and which may also cause neurological abnormalities.

Process of spinal adjustment

Physiotherapists have received professional training to correct spinal misalignment. Physiotherapists will use his hand or activator toward a specific direction and position to push the spine. Under normal circumstances patient will not feel pain after spinal adjustment.

Also after the adjustment of the spine the patient may or may not be able to hear the popping sound due to the release of gas from the joint. The most important is the movement of the joints but not the popping sound.

Our team


Our physiotherapists are graduated from good ranking physiotherapy schools both in local and overseas, and are accredited by the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Council. They had a wide range of experiences working in different physiotherapy departments in different hospitals which includes:

  • - Accident & Emergency
  • - Paediatrics
  • - Orthopaedics & Traumatology
  • - Neurology
  • - Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • - Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • - Outpatient Department
  • - Rheumatology Outpatient
  • - Elderly Rehabilitation

The physiotherapists from our centre acknowledge and have experiences in different pain symptoms and conditions. Also spinal, joints and muscular problems that caused by/after different sports activities. After full examinations such as: physical examinations, neurological examinations and patient’s history, we will design the best and customized individual treatment program for the patients. Besides, our physiotherapists will base on individual’s complaints and health(physical) conditions to design the treatment includes: exercise therapy, manipulation therapy, ultrasound therapy, interferential current therapy, flexion and distraction table therapy, acupuncture therapy, shockwave therapy…….etc. Through physiotherapy treatment, in short term, pain reliefs and restore normal range of motion would be the first priority; In long term, to restore the optimal biomechanics which decrease the risk of future injuries.

Our centre also holds healthcare workshops and exercise classes from time to time, to higher the acknowledgement of citizens about different pain symptoms and conditions. So that people can learn how to prevent the risk of the condition. The healthcare workshops and exercise classes are also very beneficial for the general public to know/understand more about health and preventing different pain symptoms and conditions.

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