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Brace for scoliosis

Many studies over the years have shown and proven its effectiveness. It is accepted the brace treatment can alter the moderate idiopathic scoliosis and the brace has been at the forefront of conservative treatment for over 30 years.

Design features:

  1. The brace can be concealed easily behind the dressing clothes. Children are more willing to accept wearing this brace.
  2. The Brace is stabilized to the body by 3 velco straps. Children can easily wear the brace for everyday use.
  3. Comfort, easy to clean.
  4. To correct the asymmetric spine toward normal, avoiding the scoliosis progression and occurrence of compensatory spinal deformities.

Brace should be worn for more than 20hours daily until the bone is matured (around the age of 14-16), with the follow up examinations performed in every three months.

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