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蘋果 11.08.2015

Back strap backpack is recommended to reduce lowback stress

How to choose a good backpack? Physiotherapist recommend the best backpack must have 5 features:

  1. 1. Choose a bag with wide, padded straps to properly support weight on your shoulders
  2. 2. Choose a bag with adjustable shoulder straps.
  3. 3. Consider a padded back is recommended to support the back
  4. 4. Consider a multiple layer backpack to disperse the force from the heavy books
  5. 5. Choose two straps instead of one - Using only one strap can cause alignment problems for your back and spine or shoulder and neck injuries

Physiotherapist mentioned that patient that has scoliosis and subluxation is increased by 20% than last year. The major reason is due to long term carry of overweighed backpack and carry an improper backpack (does not support their back). Long term effect of carrying an improper backpack will include uneven shoulder, rounded shoulder, and to have forwarded head posture. These postures will create pain and soreness of their neck and eventually will cause the numbness of their arm.

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