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蘋果 11.05.2015

Six Common Cause of lowback pain

According to statistics, lowback pain is the most common reason for patient to visit physiotherapists. British researcher found that there is six most common causes of lowback pain:

  1. 1. Improper posture – improper posture will increase the pressure to the lowback. One should keep spine straight when sitting instead of slouching on the chair to reduce the risk of lowback pain.
  2. 2. Menstrual pain- Menstrual pain is one of the reason to cause lowback pain, one could have hot bath to relax the tensed muscle.
  3. 3. Repetitive injuries- Repetitive motion will cause soft tissue inflammation, patient usually response better with stretching exercise.
  4. 4. Degenerative disease ─ Aging and bone spur will cause lowback pain. Bedrest could not effectively solve the problem. One should keep their body active and having exercise regularly to reduce the pain.
  5. 5. Sports injuries
  6. 6. Disc herniation

Patient should be aware to their posture when sitting or standing; if their job require prolonged sitting, they should change posture every 30 minutes. Exercise regularly is also important for them to maintain a healthy spine.

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