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Exercise treatment can change “S Shape” curve of the spine

People who have scoliosis their spine will become “S shape” or “C shape” and this will affect their appearance and cardio function.The problem of scoliosis can be solved by Schroth exercise treatment to reduce the angle of scoliosis and improve their condition.

According to statistics, scoliosis affects 2% to 3% of teenagers, 10% is structural scoliosis means it is caused by tumor or traffic accidents. 90% are functional scoliosis, which is idiopathic, means that it is caused by incorrect posture and overweighed backpack. Teenagers who are in age 10 to 14 are the most risky group to have scoliosis because their bones and joints are developing faster than their muscles. If the condition becomes serious, scoliosis could affect their heart and lung function. If the patients not get treated immediately, the condition will be worsen over time. If the angle of scoliosis is greater than 45 degrees, patient may need surgery to correct the condition. If their angle of scoliosis is less than 45 degrees, Schroth exercise is beneficial for them to correct the curve of scoliosis.

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