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商報 28.08.2015

Things to consider for school start

New semester will be started next week, physiotherapists have some tips for you for the school start:

When choosing a school shoes:

  1. 1) Shoes that design for support the arch of foot
  2. 2) Wide toe shoes can protect the feet
  3. 3) Distance between the heel of shoes and your feet should not exceed one finger
  4. 4) Sport shoes that has shock-absorbing effect

When choosing a school bag:

  1. 1) Choose a bag with wide, padded straps to properly support weight on your shoulders
  2. 2) Choose a bag with adjustable shoulder straps.
  3. 3) Consider a padded back is recommended to support the back
  4. 4) Consider a multiple layer backpack to disperse the force from the heavy books
  5. 5) Choose two straps instead of one - Using only one strap can cause spinal alignment

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