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商報 10.07.2015

German Schroth scoliosis therapy

Many parents mistakenly believe that surgery is the only way to improve spine problems. In fact, rehabilitation and exercise therapy are the most common ways to improve the condition in Europe and the United States. The therapy (Schroth Method) is derived from Germany in 1920, and this is the most common method to treat scoliosis in European countries.

A well-known orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Hans RudolphWeiss, pointed out that Schroth scoliosis treatment is a cost effective, low risk exercise therapy to treat scoliosis. The treatment can effectively improve the degree of scoliosis, posture , appearance, back pain and other problems, it is widely used by doctors in Europe as a treatment for scoliosis purposes. Procare Medical group can provide Schroth scoliosis therapy. In the treatment session our doctor will guide the patient different movements with proper breathing method for the spine, and improve problems caused by scoliosis. Our clinic has two treatment rooms for patient to perform this exercise.

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